Autonomous Delivery Poses Security Challenges, Arrive Has the Solution

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Drone delivery is here, and it will play an even more significant role in our lives in the future. There is one issue that first must be addressed, however, if it is to succeed. Now is when those moving the technology forward make the decisions that will lead to drone delivery of goods being a hit or miss. The last thing consumers want is items being delivered that are not safe and secure. One company, Arrive, has created a safe solution to the problem.

“Safety and security will serve as the bedrock and standard - not just for drone delivery, but for all autonomous delivery services,” says Arrive CEO Dan O’Toole. “We envision a system that is protected, connected, and secure—a system that ensures a reliable chain of custody.”

Autonomous delivery refers to the use of advanced technologies, such as robotics, drones, and driverless vehicles, to transport goods and packages without human intervention. This field has gained significant attention in recent years due to its potential to revolutionize the logistics and transportation industry. 

Arrive knows the potential risks when items are delivered, and the recipient is unavailable, leaving the things unattended on the porch. It is estimated that there are 1.7 million packages that are lost or stolen daily that are left on porches around the country. Autonomous technology that takes packages and drops them off at an unattended destination will allow the nationwide theft to continue and possibly fuel it to worsen.

Arrive has created a smart mailbox that provides the security solution that autonomous delivery requires for consumers to get the delivered items. It has been designed to bring safety and security to a market desperate to solve the significant theft problem.

Some of the key points that consumers and those working on autonomous delivery should keep in mind include:

Package theft is already a significant problem in the country, and without a smart mailbox for autonomous delivery drones to deliver to, it will only get worse. A consumer ordering food, for instance, would never want their order left unattended even for a brief moment, with the lingering concern of potential tampering. They want certainty and peace of mind throughout the delivery process.

Every day, more than 100 million items are purchased online, with 91% weighing 5 lbs or less, making them ideal candidates for drone, robotic, and even unmanned-driverless vehicle delivery. However, if all these items were left on doorsteps, it could lead to disastrous situations. People can't have their food delivery left unattended or their prescription drugs or expensive iPhones left on the porch for thieves to snag.

As consumers, we have become accustomed to demanding better, faster, fresher, cheaper, and greener services. Hence, there is an urgent need for safe, secure, and seamless delivery solutions. It doesn't make sense to go from how things are done, where package theft is rampant, to where it maintains or exacerbates the theft situation.

When the mailbox first started being used on May 9, 1858, it marked a significant milestone in helping to keep delivered items safe and protected from weather, thieves, and animals. Today, if drone delivery does not use a smart mailbox, it is going back to a time of leaving high-value items unattended and hoping for the best, which is not a viable option.  

"We know that drone delivery of everything from food and prescriptions to iPhones and millions of things in between is going to happen,” adds O’Toole. “We all need to ask ourselves if we want the items left unattended or placed into a secure smart mailbox?”

Here is a top 10 List of autonomous delivery needs that will make Arrive’s autonomous technology more prolific:

Enhanced safety and security: Autonomous delivery vehicles need to be extremely safe in order to be deployed on public roads. Arrive's smart mailboxes can help to improve safety by providing a secure location for deliveries. The mailboxes are tamper-proof and have built-in cameras that can help to deter theft.

Regulatory approvals: Autonomous delivery vehicles will need to be approved by regulators before they can be deployed. Arrive is working closely with regulators to ensure that its solutions meet all of the necessary safety and security requirements.

Real-time notifications: Customers need to be able to track their deliveries in real time. Arrive's smart mailboxes can provide customers with real-time updates on the location of their deliveries and when they are expected to arrive.

Packaging café standards: Autonomous delivery vehicles need to be able to handle a variety of package sizes and weights. Arrive's smart mailboxes are designed to accommodate a wide range of packages to meet the needs of different businesses.

Climate-assisted storage: Some deliveries, such as food and medicine, need to be stored in a climate-assisted environment. Arrive's smart mailboxes can be equipped with climate-assist, ensuring that deliveries are kept at the right temperature.

Return logistics: Customers need to be able to return items that they have purchased online. Arrive's smart mailboxes can be used for return logistics, allowing customers to drop off their returns at a convenient time and location.

Affordability: Autonomous delivery vehicles need to be affordable in order to be widely adopted. This will help to drive the adoption of autonomous delivery vehicles, as businesses will be able to save money on delivery costs.

Convenience: Autonomous delivery needs to be convenient for customers. Arrive's smart mailboxes are convenient for businesses and consumers. Customers can receive their packages at any time, day or night, without having to be home to receive them. This is a valuable convenience for busy people who don't have time to wait in line for packages at the post office or other delivery locations.

No sound or aesthetics nuisances: Autonomous delivery vehicles should not be a nuisance to the public. Arrive's smart mailboxes are designed to be quiet and discreet, and they do not have any unsightly lights or signage.

Carbon neutrality: Autonomous delivery should be carbon neutral. Arrive is committed to sustainability, and the company is working to make its solutions carbon neutral.

Arrive's smart mailboxes can help to address all of these autonomous delivery needs, making them more prolific and successful. The mailboxes are safe, secure, and convenient, and they can be used to deliver a wide range of packages. Arrive is also working to make its solutions affordable and carbon neutral.

Overall, Arrive's smart mailboxes have the potential to revolutionize the way we receive deliveries. By addressing the key autonomous delivery needs listed above, Arrive can help to make autonomous delivery a safe, convenient, and affordable reality.

Arrive is preparing for a public offering and has secured the Nasdaq ticker symbol: ARRV. The world’s first smart Mailbox-as-a-Service (Maas) infrastructure and platform for Autonomous Delivery Networks (ADNs) that people are taking notice of. Dubbed the "mailbox of the future," the company’s devices help people send and receive packages securely and safely, allowing only the box owner to access the unit. Arrive has raised $9+ million, helping to bring the receptacles to market and launching pilot programs. The company recently announced several new partnerships across its MaaS (Mailbox as a Service) ecosystem, Hush AerospaceHEI Integrated SystemsJoule Case, and A2Z Drone Delivery.

Arrive recently announced it has successfully integrated its smart mailboxes with Amazon Sidewalk, the secure, free-to-connect community network designed to provide reliable connectivity for billions of devices.

To see videos of Arrive in action, visit Arrive: The Next Generation Mailboxand New Arrive Smart Receptacle. To learn more about Arrive, visit the site:


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